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Golf Course
Putter's Pub
The restaurant housed within the Bethlehem Country Club has been present off and on for many years with American fare served for breakfast and lunch. The owner’s contractor came up with the new name for the restaurant and ice cream shop as Putter’s Pub and it seems like a great name for a new beginning! Putter’s Pub has a full-service bar and inside tables for cool and inclement weather. The real treat, however, is when the summer weather arrives and diners can enjoy their fresh-cooked meals outside on the deck overlooking the golf course and distant mountains. The views are quite wonderful, and the atmosphere is very relaxing. Recent Renovations to the kitchen have modernized the facility and the addition of an ice cream window will add to the experience of not just the golfers, but the general public who are always also welcome for dining in or out The new owner has both soft serve, as well as hard serve ice cream flavors. They learned how to create ice cream at the annual Ice Cream 101 class at Penn State’s campus in State College, PA. carious ice cream flavors are made daily and will eventually feature special flavors of goat ice cream. For people with sensitivities to cow dairy ice cream, including the current owner, goat dairy ice cream is much easier to digest and also has a much creamier taste to it! The owners have a small herd of goats they are raising and as their herd grows, they will be providing the goat milk for some of the ice creams. There will also be other offerings of sorbets and fruit ices that are dairy and gluten-free.
Golf Course
Our History
Golf has been played at this Bethlehem location since 1898 when a 9-hole course first opened to the public. Bethlehem was already well-known as a splendid resort destination, with more than 30 hotels and guest houses to accommodate summer visitors. These visitors, both men and women, were anxious to try the new game of golf. At that time, a person could play golf for the entire summer for $5! In 1909, a young Scottish architect named Donald Ross was hired to redesign and expand the Bethlehem course to 18 holes. Bethlehem Country Club was the first course designed in NH by Donald Ross, although he went on to design many other courses throughout the state. In 1949, the Bethlehem Country Club was purchased by the Town of Bethlehem. It was operated and improved by various select board liaisons and managers throughout the years. In 2019, the town decided to sell BCC. it ended up being purchased in the fall of 2020 by a pair of Bethlehem residents who wanted to see the course continue as a golf course and prevent development on it's land. This couple is hoping to renovate the clubhouse over time and winterize it eventually. The couple will also be expanding their menu to include a homemade ice cream shop.